On October 19th, 1971, the Swiss Acoustical Society SGA-SSA was founded under the leadership of Professor Heinrich Weber. Professor Willi Furrer was elected president and Professor Anselm Lauber became vice president. The honorary president Professor Eric Rathe volunteered as secretary and treasurer.

Noise measurement at the workplace, c. 1971 (Suva)

In 1997 the general assembly took place in the Suisse Romande for the first time ever.

In 1987 the SGA-SSA convention was complemented with a platform for talks on Thursday afternoon – the beginning of the customary one and a half day long conventions as we still know them.

In 1992 the FASE (Federation of Acoustical Societies of Europe) convention took place at the ETH Zurich with the SGA-SSA as its local partner. In that same year the SGA-SSA convention took place in Ticino for the first time.

In the years 1993 – 1994 the diploma „Acoustician SGA-SSA" was developed and introduced.

In 1995 the Romanic parts of Switzerland were represented in the board of directors by member of the board Professor Mario Rossi.

In 1996 the SGA-SSA logo was created and SGA-SSA became the official acronym for all languages.

In close cooperation with our German colleagues the annual convention for acoustics DAGA was held – in german – at the ETH Zurich in 1998. This SGA-SSA achievement lay the foundation for our contacts to German acousticians.

In 1999 the SGA-SSA welcomed its 400th member.

In the beginning of the year 2000 the first SGA-SSA seminar took place. Its focus lay on the topic of vibration. In the fall the SGA-SSA hosted the Congrès Français d'Acoustique at the EPF Lausanne.

In 2001 the SGA-SSA published its first guideline concerning public address systems.

In 2002 the SGA-SSA and Cercle Bruit, in cooperation with SVG (Swiss Association for Health Protection and Environmental Technology) and FOEN (Federal Office for the Environment), organised a convention on noise control in Olten attended by 150 participants.

In 2004 the SGA-SSA participated in the Franco-German convention CFA-DAGA04 in Strasbourg. The SGA-SSA published the guideline on classroom acoustics.

After Beat Hohmann had been serving as SGA-SSA president for 11 years, Robert Attinger and Victor Desarnaulds took over as co-presidents in the fall of 2006.

At the general assembly in 2013 in Muttenz the SGA-SSA awarded its newly created Prix Colladon to Walter Lips.