Specific subjects are worked on in-depth in various committees that thrive on the active participation and collaboration of their members. Prospective members who would like to participate in any of the committees are kindly asked to contact the board of directors at any time. Currently the following committees exist:

moderator: Kurt Heutschi, EMPA

e-mail: kurt.heutschi@empa.ch

Faculty members often know their colleagues well and are very knowledgeable about their  prioritized fields of study. Thus especially interested students can be put in contact with the respective faculty members.

By providing a platform for networking as well as the exchange of ideas and expertise the quality and appeal of academic teaching can be increased. In a suitable panel demonstrations, experiments, and exercises can be compiled and made available to others.

moderator: Kurt Eggenschwiler, EMPA

e-mail: kurt.eggenschwiler@empa.ch

This committee developed the SGA guidelines for the acoustics of classrooms and lecture halls. This guideline has become part of the SIA-norm 181 on noise control in building engineering.

The SGA also offers support for the rough assessment of classroom and lecture hall acoustics.


moderator: Matthias Brechbühl

e-mail: matthias.brechbuehl@norsonic.ch

As opposed to acoustical measuring instruments there are no official norms and procedures to verify the correctness of the calculations of acoustics software. Especially during accreditation processes and civil liability cases this flaw becomes apparent. Therefore the SGA committee set out to develop the technical foundations to enable the monitoring and quality control of acoustics software. It is, however, not the objective of the committee to test software but rather to provide solutions to both users and manufacturers to do the testing themselves. The focus is on the calculations themselves not on the user interface or data management.

The developed solutions are available under the SGA publications.