The Swiss Acoustical Society (SGA-SSA) serves the purpose of fostering the science of acoustics in Switzerland. It supports activities and research in the fields of acoustics and vibration technology, promotes the exchange of expertise, keeps its members updated as to national and international developments through publications, reports, newsletters, etc., and maintains connections with other scientific and technical associations in Switzerland (e.g. CercleBruit, AES). The SGA-SSA represents Switzerland in the respective international organisations (e.g. EAA).

Workmen installing noise barriers alongside railway tracks

It comments on issues of acoustics and noise control and furthers the cohesion amongst acousticians across language borders. An important service for the members of the SGA are the two conventions  each year:the spring convention – usually held in French in the Suisse romande – and the one and a half day long fall convention that includes the general assembly. Both conventions serve the exchange of expertise and professional development through presentations, field trips, and informal discussion. Twice a year the SGA bulletin published in French and German provides news in acoustics both in Switzerland and abroad, supplemented with references to presentations, seminars, conventions, new publications, interesting websites, and a job board. Additionally the latest news are delivered to members via SGA-Mail several times a year.

Since 1995 the SGA offers its members the opportunity to earn a diploma as an „Acoustician SGA-SSA" and thereby prove their professional qualifications. As additional opportunities the SGA introduced seminars and comparative measurements. The SGA also maintains strong ties with its foreign partners: Foreign speakers are regular guests at our conventions.

The SGA currently has roughly 350 individual and 180 collective members.